daisygrip reduces time, costs and risks of infection: Opt for the new, safe and clean connection.

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daisygrip is the first hygienically reusable venous tourniquet and has a unique intuitive locking system. The simpler application and disinfection method ensure lasting safety and permanently reduce costs. With daisygrip, every routine blood sample is taken time-efficiently and under hygienic conditions, without changing current treatment procedures.

A recently published study reaffirms the superiority of the daisygrip in routine clinical practice. [BMC Infectious Diseases Journal]

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Facts about the costs and risks of infections

Nosocomial infections are the most common complication of medical procedures. In German hospitals alone, there are over 900,000 nosocomial infections annually. Each of these extends the time a patient spends in hospital and puts a strain on the healthcare system. Financially, every nosocomial infection costs between 5,000 and 40,000 Euro. For over 30,000 patients each year, hospital-acquired infection results in death.

With daisygrip you opt for safety and sustainable cost reduction: as the best protection against nosocomial infections it is an effective protection against the consequential medical and economic risks.


  1. Economic aspects of nosocomial infections and their prevention

daisygrip, the better way of blood sampling

  • Less germs: in-vitro-experiments show prevention of germ transport between patients by means of on-site spray and wipe disinfection
  • Significant cost savings: disposable tourniquets or infections caused by conventional tourniquets cause significantly higher costs than using daisygrip
  • Reduced workload: the intuitive magnetic lock simplifies the work process, as it can be used quickly and reliably with one hand
  • Every routine blood sampling is a potential risk of infection due to the poorly disinfectable surfaces of common venous tourniquets. The solution to this problem is provided by daisygrip
Effective hygiene

Effective disinfection often does not take place according to the manufacturer's instructions in routine hospital procedures due to the high expenditure of time and personnel it entails. Thus, pathogens are carried from one patient to the next, withevery germ potentially leading to an infection. This is especially dangerous for children and the elderly, since the immune system is not or is no longer fully functional.

daisygrip provides a safe alternative to the risks carried by traditional tourniquets. Just 30 seconds after the simple spray and wipe disinfection daisygrip is ready for safe use again.

In-vitro-Laboratory tests and studies


  1. Immunity & Ageing: a new journal looking at ageing from an immunological point of view
Intuitive application

More than a million blood samples are drawn daily in Germany alone. Venous tourniquets are used to stop the venous blood flow. The everyday use of conventional tourniquets without a means of proper disinfection will inevitably result in germ transmission between patients.

The simple spray and wipe disinfection of the smooth surfaces of daisygrip solves this problem: the product can be safely used again in just 30 seconds. The self-finding magnetic lock can be effortlessly and reliably operated with one hand. All told, daisygrip reduces workload and ensures greater safety.


  1. Potential risk of cross-infection during peripheral-venous access by contamination of tourniquets

Reviews by media and partners

Reduced bacterial contamination rates detected on silicone tourniquets

»Results: Under controlled conditions, with strictly specified reprocessing, slightly fewer bacteria were found on silicone than on conventional tourniquets. In routine clinical practice the reprocessing frequency was not higher for silicone tourniquets in practice. Yet, in all four facilities, there were significantly fewer bacteria found on silicone than on conventional tourniquets.«

»Conclusion: Although tourniquets are classified as non-critical medical devices, results show – together with benefits of faster and easier reprocessing – that silicone tourniquets can improve infection control of venous vascular access.«

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Marcus Grohmann, Anna Kristina Witte et al.
Press release BMC Infectious Diseases Journal
Published: 26 March 2020

Ministry of Economics, Employment and Health M-V: Winner in the ideas competition »Health Economics 2018«

»"This is where an innovative product, which can sustainably ensure greater blood sampling safety, is being created,“ says Mr. Glawe, Minister of Economics, Employment and Health. "daisygrip" is the solution to reduce germ transmission during blood sampling. By means of a spray and wipe disinfection, the completely smooth surface of the tourniquet can be disinfected on site in just 30 seconds which prevents the germ transport demonstrably.«

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Government Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
Press release
Awarded 23.04.2018

Ärzteblatt Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: Students are developing a new type of venous tourniquet

»In German hospitals more than one million blood samples are collected daily. But the disinfection of the venous tourniquet used for it made of spandex and cotton is too complex, since the hygienic regulations stipulate that they must be autoclaved, says Konstantin Altrichter - medical doctor from Rostock. Together with Karl Hartmann and Paul Lückemann, he has developed a novel venous tourniquet – from a material that can be cleaned in 30 seconds with a conventional disinfectant.«

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Ärzteblatt Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
Author: Katarina Sass
Issue 2/2018, p. 64

University of Rostock: Winner in the ideas competition »Inspired 2017«

»Impressive results from science and research convinced the jury this year ... Teams in the category of researchers & graduates: 1st place Konstantin Altrichter, Karl Hartmann and Paul Lückemann with daisygrip - the hygienic venous tourniquet ... The prize is endowed with 2,000 EUR donated by Mittelständische Beteiligungsgesellschaft MV mbH.«

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University of Rostock
Ideas Competition »Inspired 2017«
Awarded 21.07.2017

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